Influence people by public speaking

There are many ways that you can influence people by public speaking, but in the first instance you need to have a formula that follows a logic. This month, I will share some ideas on how to put together a formula which works for you, and help guide you to make a great speech, influence people, and get them to focus on some sort of action post speech.

Step one: Plan your outline
  • State your facts
  • Argue from them
  • Appeal for action
Step 2: Pick your formula

Formula 1

  • Show something that is wrong
  • Show how to fix it
  • Ask for co-operation

Formula 2

  • Here is a situation that should be remedied
  • We should do this about the situation
  • You should be able to help for these reasons

This month's speech plan

  1. Get the audience’s attention by making a profound statement
  2. Win confidence
  3. State your facts, educate people regarding the merits of your proposition
  4. Appeal to the senses that make men/women act
Final thoughts

A speaker must be a master of his subject.

That means all the facts have to be collected, arranged, studied, digested – all of it. You must argue from both sides not only data from one side but material on the other side. Be sure that they are facts and not mere assumptions or unproven assertions.
You will need to verify every item. Having assembled and marshalled the facts of any problem, think out for yourself the solution those facts compel. This will make your speech have originality and personal input, it will be vital and compelling. You will be in it. Lastly, write out your ideas as clearly and logically as you can.