The Power of Belief

  • By: Marek Kubiakowski
  • Thu 08 Jul, 2021

Disbelief is negative power. When you allow your mind to have disbelief or doubts, your mind will attract reasons to support the disbelief. Failure is mainly derived from the subconscious will to fail and not wanting to succeed.

I used to be in that disbelief mode until I realised that a person is a product of their thoughts most of the time.

Adjust your thinking and launch a successful offence with the sincere and honest belief that you can succeed.

I lacked faith in myself, something that we can have from our childhood days. I found that I was telling myself why I could not get ahead instead of why I could. This original self-doubt became apparent in everything I did. It then came to me that nobody else was going to me if I did not believe in myself.

It was then that I decided from now on I was not going to short-change myself any longer.

If you are currently thinking about getting a raise at work or confronting your boss on an issue that has been eating you away, now is the time to go and get that raise or go and sort out your grievance with the boss. What is the worst that could happen? You may not get what you want, but it is just as well that you may get that raise or settle that grievance?

Believe in yourself, and good things begin to happen.

Begin to listen to your inner voice. There are two voices, one positive and one negative. Both voices are obedient. They both stand to attention when interrogated. In a positive mode, you will move forward; likewise, it will pull you back if it is negative. It would help if you learned to control those inner voices. Right from the time you get up, you can set your dial to either of the two inner voices.

What you say to yourself is so important. “I couldn’t be bothered to get up right now; I’ll lay in another 10 minutes”. You have already begun to programme your mind in that negative mode. Why not say “I need to get up, know, I am not wasting another moment in bed. It’s a beautiful day, and I am going for it”. Which is better? You decide it’s your decision what sort of day it will be.


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