The Motivation Myth

  • By: Marek Kubiakowski
  • Sat 30 Jan, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen my guest speaker today is a motivational speaker Marek Kubiakowski someone who is a regular presenter on my show. “Marek, you are one of those people that gets audiences jumping in the aisles and raring to go to conquer the world?”.

NO I AM NOT! In fact, l really don’t believe in motivation.

But let me clarify, some motivation works. It’s just most of it, maybe 95% of it doesn’t.

A training director from a large corporation had decided to stop hiring motivation speakers because he concluded, was much like eating McDonalds food for lunch; an hour later you were hungry again, maybe not true of McDonalds but it is true of motivation.

Most motivation simply doesn’t stick. It doesn’t stay with you.

Motivators do a good job. They paint pictures, a whole host of suggested dreams which shows others what can be done, what they can do. They stimulate minds, inspire new ideas, set some goals, tackle problems and move forward. There is a problem with that kind of motivation: It is external and it does not last!

Just like the football coach inspiring his team to be the best, get’s the best but then goes away over the summer holidays, what happens to the motivation, it goes away with him, what next?

Across our land you will have lecture halls, church halls, filled with motivational speakers convincing people that there is a better way only if they follow the speakers tips and pointers.

The issue is that those people may have their old computer disks installed which are designed to subconsciously reject the new information which the motivator was trying to feed in. It is almost impossible to covert someone completely listening for a couple of hours to a motivational speech

to override the old programming and replace with the new.

What you have told yourself for years that you can’t reverse in an hour or two of someone else telling us that we can do it simply doesn’t have a chance. The intentions are great. The talk is inspiring. The ideas are incredible, but when the coach goes home so does the motivation.

A subconscious mind which has erased the old negatives and replaced them with new positives is the most fertile ground for growth and achievement we will ever find.

Motivational speeches may actually work against us.

Here is how it works:

We go to the talk, it is a good talk and we get motivated and inspired.

We set some goals and new sights and make a commitment to change for the better.

We then go home back to life. Our old programming quietly reconvinces us that we are capable of LESS than that person on stage was trying to get us to believe.

We are not even aware that there are is a powerful internal mechanism at work busily beginning to overide what the speaker was trying to install in us.

This powerful internal mechanism is your subconscious mind listening to every word you say, yes every word.

This is what you should be saying about yourself or to your self:

Imagine just for a moment that you will never have to be motivated. You will never have to go to a motivational talk because you have discovered that you are your motivation.

What you say to yourself about yourself is the most important thing that you will ever hear because only you can and will be your motivation.

It will give you direction, put purpose in your stride, strengthen your will. It is loyal to the end. It is the coach that never goes home. It is the ultimate motivator. It will never fail you. It cannot – it is YOU!!

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